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Our base is situated on the Forth and Clyde Canal immediately below the spectacular Falkirk Wheel. Passage through the wheel allows access to 31 miles of lock free cruising on the Union Canal to Edinburgh. Traveling west on the Forth and Clyde Canal will bring you to Glasgow and Bowling on the Clyde.

Please note: The Forth and Clyde – being a sea to sea canal – is wider than the average English canal. Between our base at Falkirk and Glasgow there are four locks and three road bridges, all of which are currently operated by British Waterways staff. Between Glasgow and the Clyde at Bowling there are a further 18 locks and a number of pedestrian bridges, also operated by BW staff.The Union Canal is a contour canal and has no locks at all and no bridges that have to be opened to let you pass.The Falkirk Wheel, as you would imagine, is operated by British Waterways staff, as are the two locks above it and the one below.So if your holiday enjoyment centres on opening locks and bridges, these are not the canals for you. Having said that, the BW crew are only too happy to have your assistance and muscle power to help with opening locks and a very helpful in meeting your needs in terms of moving throughout the canal system.

However, if you allow a lack of opportunity for physical exertion to put you off coming to these two canals, which pass through some incredibly eye-catching and relaxing countryside, you will miss out on the Falkirk Wheel, the drop lock at Dalmuir which is the first of its kind in Britain and takes you down under a main road and a unique canal-side fish and chip shop. Not to mention entering the heart of both Edinburgh and Glasgow by boat.

To make some of your movement arrangements you will, on occasion, require the use of a mobile phone.

More information about Falkirk Hire Base